Adirondack Winter, 3

Learning Scarlet : memoir, killing a rat in the garage, circa 1965

Waxing Gibbous : short story, noir style, New York, Moon and Jupiter, romance, tough guy uncle

Storm Coming : short story, young people’s fiction, a girl describes her snow day with her mother

The Cure for Panic : memoir, high school, swimming, drowning, leadership

The Hermit of Moon Village : short story, Zen, vision, “101 Zen Stories”

Twenty Years and Nothing : short story, Zen, vision, “101 Zen Stories”

Not Enough Cups : short story, Zen, vision, “101 Zen Stories”

Mr Kim’s Apartment : short story, old love, death, new love, city life

How Thin the Thread : memoir, meeting wife, T’ai Chi, New York, mystery

Nandi Plays the Lottery : memoir, wishes, India, mystery, gambling, Nandi

Peeling Paint : short story, neighbors, danger, Christmas, New Years

Song and Dance : short story, son, mother, salesman, vacuum cleaners, mites

An Actor Recalls : parody of memoir, Australian geese

God Came Down: short story, what G could do to save the world, Scrooge spinoff


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